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Travel Visa Services

Travel Visa Services

Priority Passports & Visa Services guarantees you will receive your new .US passport by your departure date! When we receive your package, you will receive your passport back by your travel date, guaranteed!
Please follow these steps in order for Priority Passports & Visa Services to expedite your application for a US passport. You may print out this page for your convenience.
Consider this:
If you choose to use "normal" processing via the Post Office (i.e. not an expediting service like ours), the process will take up to 6 weeks.
Documents to Send to Us at Priority Passports
Valid United States Passport
Your signed U.S. passport must be valid and with sufficient blank pages for any visa stamps. The passport's expiration date must be more than six months from the date of entry for the visa you are applying for.

If your passport does not meet the requirements, you must renew your passport or obtain a new one from us prior to obtaining the visa.
Completed Travel Visa Application
Download , print, fully complete, and sign one copy of the Brazil travel visa application form (application forms on thermal fax paper are not accepted).
Passport-Style Photographs
You must provide two identical passport photographs that meet Passport Photograph Regulations.
Travel Documentation
You must provide a copy of ONE of the following items :
  • Your foreign travel plane ticket.
  • Your printed travel itinerary.
Business Cards

Two Original Business Cards.

Business Letter

A business letter of responsibility is required: (Sample Business Letter)

  • The letter must be addressed to the Embassy of Brazil
  • The letter must explain the nature of business to be performed.
  • The letter must be on company letterhead and signed by someone at your company other than you.
Letter of Invitation from company in Brazil
A letter of invitation is required from your host in Brazil.
Note: Requirements of a Business Visa (Vitem V)

To be eligible for a Business Visa (VitemV) the purpose of the trip must be one of the following :

  • To be eligible for a Technical Business Visa (Vitem V) the purpose of the trip must be one of the following :
    Provision of services to the Brazilian Government, arising from an international agreement, contract or undertaking to which Brazil is a party;
  • Employment contract with a corporation or other legal entity based in Brazil;
  • Provision of services to a religious or social assistance entity, without employment relationship with a corporation or other legal entity based in Brazil;
  • Technical assistance services arising from a contract, cooperation agreement, services agreement, or similar instrument signed with a foreign corporation or other legal entity;
  • Professional training, without an employment relationship, immediately after the completion of vocational training or university education;
  • Medical residency in an educational institution accredited by the Ministry of Education and Recreation;
  • Employees of foreign companies admitted to work in Brazil as trainees or interns at a subsidiary or Brazilian branch of the foreign company, provided that they are paid exclusively outside of Brazil by that foreign company;
  • Foreign instructors or professors who intend to travel to Brazil for a period of training in foreign language instruction;
  • Crew members of foreign vessels traveling to Brazil to operate in waters under Brazilian jurisdiction, as required under a charter, services or risk contract entered into with a Brazilian company;
  • Crew members of foreign fishing vessels leased by Brazilian companies;
  • Crew members or other professionals who perform paid activities aboard cruise vessels along the Brazilian coast, in the Amazon River basin, or in other inland waters.
Travel Visa Processing Instructions
Please electronically submit our secure PRIORITY PASSPORTS ORDER FORM so we can prepare for your documents.
  • The Consulate Fee is $ 240.00
  • Our Service Fee is $ 85.00
  • Our Return Mail Fee is $ 20.00 for FedEx Service
The Total Fee is $ 345.00 ($ 325.00 if you INCLUDED a pre-paid airbill). You may pay by Check or Credit Card.
  • If you are paying by check, enclose a check made payable to "Priority".
  • If you are paying by credit card, please make sure you entered your credit card information on the above mentioned order form.
Send us the Documents and Fees via FedEx
  1. Place the above mentioned documents in a FedEx Letter.
  2. On the FedEx Airbill, put your Order Number (obtained by completing the above mentioned ORDER FORM) in Box .
  3. You will be sent the address of where to mail your documents via email.
The expected processing time for a Brazil visa is 7 days. Please note that processing times, fees, and requirements are based on government rules and are subject to change without notice.
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